HYDERABAD: Speaking at the opening ceremony of the eighth edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), Ivanka Trump, the advisor to the US President, praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making change possible.
“It is one of the best life stories that I have heard in my lifetime. It proved to us once again that change is possible if you believe in yourself. Prime Minister Modi’s transformation from a Tea-seller to the highest echelons of power is one of the finest examples of it”, Ivanka Trump said. “I applaud Prime Minister Narendra Modi for believing that a nation is said to be developed only when the women are completely empowered.”, she added.
Ivanka, the daughter of the US President Donald Trump, is leading the US delegation at the three-day GES summit with the theme “Women First, Prosperity for All’. The summit has for the very first time highlighted the empowerment of women and their development as a whole in the modern world.
Addressing the delegation, Ivanka said that women must be given equal opportunities through access to capital, mentors and equitable laws. She requested the nations to support Women entrepreneurs by enacting laws in favor of women. “It is not just about forming a good society. According to a study, if the gender entrepreneurship gap comes down worldwide, it could increase the total GDP of the world by 2 percent”, she said.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi too echoed the views put forward by Ivanka Trump. “Our government considers women empowerment as the central aspect of any scheme that we put forward. So far, we have disbursed 70 million as a loan to women entrepreneurs under the MUDRA scheme. Not only this, the government is also considering to come up with incentives for women entrepreneurs very soon”, PM Modi said.
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