Your favorite summer fruit – 'Ice apple' (Thaati Munjalu) in scarcity this year, reasons evident

This year summer has been severe so far.  The one natural coolant that  people opt for other than coconut water is Ice apple (Thaati Munjalu). This is one of the most liked option to tame the pains of summer. Now a days, it is very difficult  for one to find the nutritious fruit in city markets compared to five years ago.  Ice apples are ideal to help prevent dehydration with their large water content, serving as an energiser. One of the major reasons for the fruit not being found in the market these days, is higher transportation cost and narrow margin of returns. Real estate is considered another reason for the  scarcity as the palm tree in hhe outskirt are being chopped off. Hope that our next generation eats this delicious fruit.