Young Lovers in Andhra Jump in Front of Train after Marrying

Vijayawada News:
Young Lovers from Andhra studying in the same engineering college left they home got married to each other. Few hours after they marriage committed suicide jump in front of the train. Both were engineering students both left they home on tuesday to get married in Vijayawada.They bodies were found on railway tracks near Vetapalam railway station.
Bettalu Sandeep was a third-year student in engineering college who was in love with a 20-year-old Bogireddy Monika who was a 2nd-year student in the same college.
While the familes was opposed to they union. According to they close friends, the couple got married on Tuesday in vijayawada and the same night sent a messge to the friends informing them about plans for ending they life.
Police are suspecting the couple couldn’t hold courage to face they family and hence decided to end they life.