Ever since the rumor of SS Rajamouli doing a film with Ramcharan and NTR made rounds, there has been a debate over the new tide of change in Tollywood ie., the shift towards multistarrers. For Rajamouli, who is an able director to make commercial hits, featuring two big heroes on the same screen may not be an issue. But, will it be the same for all? Can all directors handle the egos and sentiments of the fans effectively while making multistarrers?
In the olden days during the time of NTR, ANR, and Krishna, multistarrers were abundant. The differentiation among the fans was not so high and so did their egos and sentiments. But, things have changed totally ever since Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, and Balakrishna took over the reigns of Tollywood. There were several instances where top actors rejected multistarrers keeping in view the sentiments of their fans.
Fans, on the other hand, want their actor on top of all. They expect all commercial stunts that they would expect from a regular movie, even if it is a multistarrer. Keeping this in mind, it will not be easy for any director to feature two tops heroes on the same screen. Kudos to SS Rajamouli in this regard, as he successfully handled the case of Ramcharan and NTR. It is believed that the star director is working on the script closely, to make sure that both actors get equal importance on the screen.
Sources said that Rajamouli might take more than six months to finalize the script work, meaning we can expect this project to release only in 2019!! Whatever be the case, if multistarrers become the new trend in Tollywood there is a good chance for fans of different actors to unite under an umbrella called Tollywood.