Smt. R.K. Roja, a film actress turned politician and a vocal member of legislative assembly (MLA) in Andhra Pradesh was suspended for allegedly making derogatory remarks against Chief Minister ChandraBabu Naidu in the context of what has become known as the “call money sex scam” in the state. The speaker issued the order under Rule 340 and suspended the MLA for one year. Important point to note here is this rule does not permits suspension for one year
Earlier the court directed Roja and accordingly she submitted letter of apology to speaker and no action has been taken. Now again the Supreme Court asked the Speaker of Andhra Pradesh assembly to consider the letter of apology given by YSR Congress MLA Roja.
Key point to be noted here is as per the Constitution the legislature and the Judiciary is two independent authorities and there can be no mixing up of their functions. The Constitution prohibits the court to interfere into the workings of Legislature unless there is substantial illegality.
As explained above the Speaker has powers to decide the issue and it has to be seen whether advice of the apex court will considered or not.