Why is begging banned in Hyderabad?

The Police Commissioner of Hyderabad through his exclusive powers has issued an official notification banning begging in the Hyderabad city main roads and other places for a period of two months from now. The Commissioner said that he has taken the decision keeping in view the problems faced by the general public due to beggars, in heavy traffic conditions. But, was that the only reason?
Though Commissioner Mahender Reddy clarified that the ban was imposed acting upon the complaints received from the general public, analysts are of the view that the government took this step keeping in mind the arrival of Ivanka Trump to Hyderabad.
Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the US President Donald Trump is set to arrive Hyderabad on November 28, to attend the General Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). The move to ban begging on streets is being looked as a step to avoid any inconvenience to Invaka and the visiting dignitaries from various nations.
On the other hand, the Telangana government and the Police Commissioner have soon become the talk of the town for giving an official bizarre notice. Netizens argued that the government could have worked for the welfare of the beggars in a positive way rather than moving them out of the city to just appear good for a visiting guest.
The official notice issued by the Police commissioner M Mahender Reddy bans begging on the streets of Hyderabad till January 7, 2018. The notice also warns of severe punishment if violated.