'We Can't Do Anything': High Court comments on inter-results

Telangana has had a serious problem over the mistakes of the inter results. The government has been critical of some students for failing and others committing suicide. The parents of the students felt that the matter was going to the High Court and that they would get justice. But the High Court made key remarks, ending the interrogation of interim petitions on Wednesday. Mistakes in the results are real, but it is clear that they can not intervene in the matter.

The High Court said that only 0.16% of the inter-results re-verification had passed. The jury found that the suicides of students were unfortunate. They said they could not instruct the government to pay compensation. The High Court said it could not interfere with the actions of the victims. The government itself has recommended a formal inquiry and action on the victims. Parents of students who have lost their interim results are dissatisfied with the court verdict.