The Government of AP spent money extravagantly to construct temporary Secretariat at capital city Amaravati. On the earlier occasion it was noticed that the construction was faulty and the water leaked through the roof and the opposition party leader was angry and hit back attributing it to sub-standard work.
Now, this time incessant rains, once again played havoc with this costly temporary building and water leaks found through a wider built up area which include the office few Ministers, Principal Secretary, Registretion department etc.
This time also, the Municipal Administration Minister wants to rub-off the problem saying that it’s a normal and minor problem with any new constructions. In this era of high technology, what is that we Andhra people could not build one leak roof building?
The YSRCP MLA is on record to say that the amount spent to construct was Rs 10,000 per square feet and he demanded through probe in this irregularities evolving loss of public money.
This time the CM has to respond to the issue and see that such thing does repeat again.
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