Visakha Land Scam: Registration of Properties Halted Causing Inconvenience to Public

Ordinary public are effected by the Visakha land scam issue. People are not able to register their lands and impacted real estate in Visakhapatnam to greater extent. It is alleged by the opposition party YSRCP, that ruling party and its MLAs were involved in land grabbing scam worth anywhere from Rs. 20,000 to Rs.50, 0000 crores.
While the allegation has been rejected outright by the ruling party and sitting collector, BJP MLA Penmetsa Vishnu Kumar Raju argued alleged collusion by the ruling party MLAs in Visakhapatnam. YSRCP demanded a CBI investigation, terming the land scam as one of the biggest scams in India. Opposition party leader, YS Jagan has announced that he will be conducting Maha Dharna from June 22 in Vishakapatnam.