Vikram Goud is held responsible for a Conspiracy

On July 30th the news of young politician cum businessman, Vikram Goud being held responsible for conspiracy took rounds in Telangana. Vikram Goud is a son of Mukesh Goud, the senior congress leader and ex-minister.
Vikram Goud lost huge sum of money that he invested in films, pubs and many other industries. When the financiers started approaching him to return their money, he was undergoing a lot of stress and with no hopes of getting any help he planned to harm himself.
According to the investigation done by the cops, the attack seems to be a planned attack. Many evidences were eliminated from the spot and Vikram’s wife was also investigated.
After cops were informed by the doctor that Vikram is fine, he was investigated by cops immediately. A case of conspiracy is also filed against Vikram for misleading the cops.
The police are planning to arrest Vikram soon. Further investigation from Vikram will certainly show a clear picture of the attack.