TDP To Give Property Rights To Vijayawada Hill Dwellers: Jaleel Khan

Vijayawada, October 26, 2017: Vijayawada lies on the banks of Krishna River covered by hills and canals. People have settled and constructed homes on the hills. The issue of land rights for residents has been pending since the times of NTR. This is one of the major points in the manifesto of many political candidates since then. But due to its complex legalities, the issue has been lurking on without a resolution. During the Intintiki Telugu Desam programme, this has become a topic of discussion. Speaking to the reporters in the 29 th division, Vijayawada west MLA, Jaleel Khan said that TDP government has made huge progress in resolving this issue. He said that he will resolve the issue and provide registation of the homes. He has received very good response from Intintiki Telugu Desam programme. AP Police Housing Corporation chairman, Shaik Nagul Meera  also outlined the progress made by TDP in the state in the last three years.
Jaleel Khan, who shifted loyalties from YSRCP, is working actively in his constituency and secured good grades as MLA. It is also reported the TDP has confirmed his seat for 2019 elections. Recently, TDP senior leader, Shaik Nagul Meera said that  Jaleel Khan will win the elections by 30,000 majority.