Vijay Mallya Set To Marry Former Kingfisher Airlines Hostess

Beleaguered liquor baron Vijay Mallya is going to marry Pinky Lalwani, who was an air hostess in Kingfisher Airlines. Pinki Lalwani left the country along with Mallya in 2016. However, there is no official confirmation of marriage right now.

Who is Pinki Lalwani? 
Mallya had given Job of Flight Attendant in Kingfisher Airlines in 2011, to Pinky Lalwani. Later, friendship grew between Mallya and Pinky. The couple were spotted together in several events and parties.  Pinki also made photo shoot for Kingfisher Calendar. When Mallya left the country in 2016, Pinky Lalwani also left the country with him. According to the media reports, both of them have been in  live-in relationship. Recently, the two celebrated the third anniversary of living together. Vijay Mallya first married Sameera Tyebji, who was also the air hostess of Air India Airlines. They both have  son Siddhartha. After a few years, Mallya got divorced from Sameera and got married to his friend Rekha, a friend of his friend in Bangalore. Rekha’s first husband, Mr Mahmood, was a good friend of Mallya.

Twitter became busy soon after the news broke out. Here are some of the tweets: