Venky's cameo to be included in Agnyaathavaasi!

No doubt, the Tollywood industry thought Agnyaathavaasi to be one of the biggest hits of 2018 looking at the huge response it got for the music and trailer. Pawan’s crazy fans eagerly waited for the release of the movie only for utter disappointment. Many of the fans openly admitted on social platforms that the movie was not up to the mark of Trivikram Srinivas.
However, there’s something to cheer out for the fans. Sources close to the movie unit have confirmed that the film unit is planning to add Venkatesh’s cameo, which was not included in the final print released to the audience on January 10. Also, rumors are doing rounds that the director is keen on making some tweaks to the movie screenplay to make it more engaging to the audience. If everything goes as expected, we could find Venky’s cameo included in Agnyaathavaasi, from Sankranthi.
On the other hand, film critics are of the view that the move of adding Venky’s cameo is only to attract more audience to the theatres, even for a second time!