US State Department: Religious Intolerance Escalate In India

The grand traditional heritage of India is Unity in diversity. It is the spirit and value of the secularism that is keeping the Indians together as a nation. Nowadays, the soul of secularism is under assault and complex situation is being created to divide the society. The following facts confirm this prevailing and frightful situation.
It has been known from Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) that during current the year 2016, more than 300 incidents of abuse of Christians have occurred, compared to 177 in the year 2015.
The report issued by the Government of India , Ministry of Home Affairs also show spur in the number of conflicts between the religious communities in our country resulting in about 100 deaths in the year 2016.
The US state department in its annual report pertaining to International Religious Freedom stated that the Cow protection law and Campaign related to It., has resulted in increase in religion based violence in India.
The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released its 2017 annual report accusing Hindu nationalist groups and their sympathizers for numerous incidents of intimidation, harassment, and violence against religious minority communities including Dalits.
All the right thinking and peace loving Indians should come forward to collectively fight the disruptive forces and work in right direction to safe guard the biggest democracy of the world.