United Airlines and Pepsi are Trolled on Twitter Together

In a major PR nightmare for two heavy weights, Pepsi and United Airlines are trolled in Twitter with funny tweets. Recently, United Airlines was under fire after a disturbing video of an Asian doctor being forcibly dragged by police from an overbooked flight. Similarly, Pepsi went through bad PR when the soda company released a controversial ad featuring Kendall Jenner brokering peace between protestors and police by offering a can of Pepsi to an officer. The commercial has since been pulled by the beverage giant. People took to Twitter to show sympathise with the Asian doctor who was forcibly removed and troll United Airlines and linking with the controversial commerical ad in an insanely creative ways. United Airline’s stock fell more than 1.1% and wiped out $255 million off the airline’s market cap. Meanwhile, CEO of United Airlines has issued a second public apology to the man who was forcibly removed from a flight, calling the incident “truly horrific”.