Uma Bharti compares Rahul and Priyanka to Jinnah

Senior BJP leader Uma Bharti has made a controversial statement on the protest against the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA). She said that Rahul Jinnah and Priyanka Jinnah are spreading fear among Muslims on CAA.

Regarding Sonia Gandhi, she said that since she is our daughter-in-law and she is married in our country, we respect her from the depths of our hearts

Earlier Uma Bharti also spoke about the violence at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). She had said that a section of thinkers is spewing poison in the university environment. She compared these thinkers to a particular species of snake. Uma said that such snakes are few in number but very poisonous. We have to find solutions and fix them. 

More than 30 students and teachers were injured when some masked men attacked them with sticks and iron rods during a protest against the fee hike in JNU. Student union president Aishi Ghosh was also hurt. Delhi Police has also accused Aishi in the case of vandalizing the university and damaging government property before the violence. The police is investigating the matter, but so far no one has been arrested. The student union has held the ABVP responsible for the violence in JNU.