Trump and Modi are Fearless Leaders: US Secretary of State Mike Pompey

  • Pompeo said – India is the key partner of America, our relationship reached new heights.
  • India on the S-400 deal from Russia to the US Secretary of State – we will do the same, which will be in the national interest.
  • On 28-29 June, there will be a meeting between the other Trump and Modi in the G20 summit in Japan.

new Delhi. US Foreign Minister Mike Pompey, who came to India on a two-day visit, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar on Wednesday. During the meeting of Pompey’s Jaishankar, India has negotiated S-400 missile system deals and other defense deals with Russia. During this time India clearly said that we will do the same, which will be in the interest of the nation. Pompeo said that we now have two such leaders, Modi and Trump, who are not afraid to take risks when needed.

After the talks, both the Foreign Ministers shared the press conference. During this, Jaishankar was asked whether the US law will affect India’s S-400 deal with Russia. Jaishankar said: There are relationships with many of our countries. We have many partnerships and their history. We will do what is in the interest of our country. Part of this is also the strategic partnership of every country, under which the interests of other countries should also be appreciated and appreciated.