Telangana to shape a new policy for Electric Vehicles

HYDERABAD: In a bid to encourage the use of Electric Vehicles in the Hyderabad capital area and to bring down the carbon emission from vehicles, the Telangana government is all set to launch a new policy for Electric Vehicles, next month.
The policy is aimed towards giving incentives to manufacturers and companies setting up charging stations in and around Hyderabad. The government is willing to help competitors in the areas of land allotment and other technical regulations.
Further, the new policy will also require the State government to amend certain laws to enable the charging stations to draw power directly from power stations. The draft policy is currently under the consideration of the Municipal authorities and will go ahead to the Chief Minister after it gets clearance from the Chief Secretary.
Car manufacturer Mahindra, on the other hand, welcomed the decision of the government. “We have already released a range of Electric cars under the brand ‘Mahindra Electric’. The positive move from the State government will hopeful boost the use of Electric cars”, the company said in a statement.
Though the Electric car market in India is not so profitable, experts are hopeful that the industry may soon rise given that the state governments focus more towards bringing down the carbon emissions from vehicles.