TDP Stopping Kapu Reservation Struggle: Mudragada

Kirlampudi: Whenever the former minister and kapu leader Mudragada, was planning to tour and meet people of his community, the Government of AP stopped him to do so. While as the other yatras such as ‘Gadapa Gadapaki YSRCP and recent ‘Intintiki Telugu Desam’ programme are allowed without any objection.
Mudragada said during the press conference that the ruling party miserably failed to implement its poll promise of Kapu reservation and hence, it is not allowing the voice to be raised against its failures. Further, the leader observed that whenever they are asking for BC status, the Government is threatening by speaking about the CBCID cases.If the Government is so particular about the pending cases, it can speed up the investigation and take action against the culprit.
The Kapu community constitutes 27% of the population and it is very difficult to manage them by any political party. The Chief Minister, Mr Chandrababu Naidu is not naive to ditch this community.
However, as of now, it is technically difficult to provide extra reservation to any caste as the AP state is already implementing 66.66% reservation and adding them means removing the existing categories which will cause confrontation from other communities.
Back in 2016, Kapus in the state launched an agitation demanding the OBC status which led to many violent protests. YSRCP Jagan supported the protest. More than 2 lakh protestors blocked the Chennai- Kolkata national highway and also set fire the Ratnachal Express.