A meeting of the party MPs has been organized by TDP supremo N ChandraBabu Naidu to lay down the strategy to be adopted during the parliament session which shall commence from 17 July. The main objectives are to get allotment of railway zone, increasing the number of Assembly constituencies in the State, releasing of funds for Polavaram project and Amaravati besides rising of issues related to GST.
The MPs expressed hope that the bill for enhancing Assembly constituencies seats to 225 from the present level of 175 , as given in the AP State Reorganization Act , will be passed in the ensuing Parliament session.
The TDP chief ChandraBabu Naidu in the meeting speaking to MPs said that the allegation made during YSRCP plenary is rubbish and asserted that the promises made in the said plenary have already been implemented by the TDP government.
The CM expressed confidence that 80% of the people are satisfied with the performance of the TDP government and more and more people support him as his Government is ensuring transparency and accountability in the administration.
Chief Minister suggested the party leaders not to react to comments of the opposition party but to concentrate on development of the State.