Survivors of the London Fire Incident Share The Nightmare

The London fire incident in a 24-floor tower on Tuesday night left many people injured while 12 people were found dead. Many residents are complaining that the fire alarm didn’t work properly. Other people complained about the inadequate staircase in the middle of the building.
According to some residents, the building recently was refurbished with many plastic panels which are believed to spread the fire quickly. The fire has been named as “unprecedented” by the London fire Brigade.
A resident of the building named Sajid Jamalvatan said, that he got a call from his mother saying the building caught into fire when he was in a movie theatre. When he reached there, 10 flats were already on fire.
Another person, Ahmed Chellat, who is a retired community worker, was looking for this relatives who lived in 21st floor of the building with their three children. Ahmed Chellat said that he spoke to his relatives at 1.45 am and she said they were told to stay inside by the emergency services. He again called after 30 minutes and they told him that smoke was coming into the flat.
Same thing happened in Dubai also a year ago just before welcoming the New Year 2016.