Special Status To Andhra Pradesh If Voted To Power: Rahul Gandhi in Dubai

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that if his party comes to power in the forthcoming general elections, Andhra Pradesh will be given special status. Rahul Gandhi, the President of the Indian National Congress, arrived in Dubai on Thursday night for his two-day tour of the UAE. On Friday, he visited the workers’ accommodation at Jebel Ali industrial area. He made his first speech and had conversations with the blue-colored workers.
Gandhi said, “As soon as our government comes to power we will give Andhra Pradesh a special state status.” Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were split into two separate states on June 2, 2014. While praising the development of UAE, Gandhi said that whatever big development you see here, high buildings, large airports, and metro, all of these are not made without your contribution. He said, ‘You gave your blood and sweat and time for the development of this city and you made all Indians proud.’ Gandhi reiterated the statement made to the group of TDP party workers who performed dharna in Jantar Mantar in March last year demanding special status to Andhra Pradesh.