Special screening of PM's press conference: Congress takes jibe at Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving interviews to different media channels during the Lok Sabha elections. The Congress President has targeted the same interview of PM Modi. Rahul Gandhi tweeted while writing that “Dear Modi, your recent statement, interview and video are giving India a different feeling that you are breaking down under pressure. However, it is certainly right to have trouble with the results.

BJP has not delayed to respond to this tweet of the Congress. BJP has written in his tweet about Rahul Gandhi, if you talk about interview, then we have a photo of you interviewed by INDIA TODAY. When are you planning to release a video of that memorable interview? Oh wait – you are nervous and want to hide something from that interview, is not it?

Now the Congress responded to the BJP’s tweet, said that just tell us the dates of the PM’s press conference, we will do a special screening.

Modi has not made press conferences even once after assuming the office of Prime Minister. In the last five years, Congress and party president Rahul Gandhi have repeatedly taken cognizance of him for not conducting a press conference of Prime Minister Modi.

Dear Mr Modi,

Your recent statements, interviews & videos are giving India the distinct feeling that you’re cracking under presssure.

You are, however, certainly right to be nervous about the results.— Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) May 9, 2019

Dear Rahul Gandhi,

Speaking of interviews, we found this one photo from your India Today interview.

When do you plan to release the video from that memorable interview?

Oh wait – you’re nervous and want to hide something from that interview, right? https://t.co/cR32va27uE pic.twitter.com/Ho21LNuzHu— BJP (@BJP4India) May 9, 2019