Breaking: Uber Settles Privacy, Data Security Case

Uber has made life easier for people who take taxis regularly or occasionally. Have you ever used their service? Here is Uber’s data security news that you should be aware of.
Uber Technologies today agreed to take stringent action to protect the privacy of customer and driver data. Uber is alleged for its deceptive privacy and data security claims. It is alleged in a complaint that Uber employee has access to customer and driver data and is not monitored as much as it should. It is alleged that Uber employees were accessing consumer data illegally and not closely monitored. Though a system is developed to automate the monitoring of Uber employees who have data access but is rarely used.
Also as per the complaint, Uber’s security practices did not provide abundant security measures to prevent unauthorized access. In May 2014, there was a breach in its database when more 100,000 driver data was compromised.
As per the Federal Trade Commission settlement, Uber will develop and launch a new privacy program. Also Uber agreed to regular audits.
As a consumer of Uber service in the past, you should check for any flags in your credit report, opt for Identity theft service through credit bureaus.