Sadak Ka Gunda Row: Centre Asks Sonia Gandhi to Apologise and Clarify

The Centre asked party chief of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, to issue and apology and clarify the remarks used against the Chief General of Indian Army Bipin Rawat where he was addressed as a “street thug” by Congress leader Sandeep Dikhshit.
In one of his statements, General Rawat had said that the Indian Army was completely ready for a “two and a half front war”. General Rawat meant that the army was ready to face both external and internal threats of the country.
Sandeep Dikshit had said that the army chief spoke like a roadside thug (“Sadak ka Gunda”). This type of statement is expected from Pakistan who are like the mafia, and not from our chief, he had said.
However, the statement he used was taken up for which he apologised twice saying that he shouldn’t have used the term to address the situation. He accepted and apologised for the uncivilized words he had used against the Chief of Indian Army.
Congress leader Meem Afzal said that, he was shocked by the language that Dikshit used and that the issue was taken up with him. He ensured that Congress Party was against the use of such statements.