RSS idea similar to Muslim Brotherhood – Rahul Gandhi In London

London / Berlin.
Congress President Rahul Gandhi compared the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to the Islamic Brotherhood of the Islamic organization of Egypt. In a program in London on Friday, Rahul, who arrived in Britain from Germany, said, “There is an organization in India RSS which is trying to change the perspective of India. RSS ideology is like the Arab’s Muslim Brotherhood. This idea that will crush other thoughts.”
Rahul said, “There is no such organization other than the RSS in India who wants to capture institutions. While the Congress, SP, BSP, and DMK come to power, they do not try to capture the institutions.
Reacting to this, BJP said that Rahul did not have any information about the Muslim Brotherhood. He is insulting India on foreign soil.
The Muslim Brotherhood is a 90-year-old Islamic organization of Arabia. Its purpose is to impose Islamic law in the country. The Muslim Brotherhood has been accused of engaging in violent activities. Many political parties have also been formed from this organization. In the charge of spreading violence and fundamentalism, this organization has been declared a terrorist organization in Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
BJP said: Rahul’s statement shows immaturity. BJP spokesman, Sakht Patra said, “The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, the ruling Congress had said that India’s opposition party (BJP) launches terror training camps. You are saying that we are not for the country, but for Hindutva, the Sangh’s volunteers have helped flood victims in Kerala. If the Sangh has changed anything, then it is the thinking of pursuing the poor. Rahul should immediately ask for forgiveness from London.