Renu Desai gives 10/10 for Pawan Kalyan's personality

Model-turned-actress and former wife of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Renu Desai, always talked in support of PK despite parting ways with him long ago. In her recent interview to a TV Channel, Renu admitted that she respects Pawan Kalyan as a person while recalling her memories with him.
During the interview, the host of the show went on to ask Renu Desai on the ratings she will give for Pawan Kalyan both as a person and Husband on a scale of ten. To this, Renu quickly gave 10/10 for Pawan’s character but reduced it to just 5/10 as a husband. When the anchor asked her on why can’t a good person be a good husband as well, Renu responded saying that both are two different qualities and cannot be clubbed together. “I respect his Individual personality. But, as a husband he did not live up to my expectations”, she said.
When asked about who considered giving divorce first, Renu intelligently answered saying that the host will have to ask the question to Pawan Kalyan. Further, the actress said that every person will have his own perception of an issue but no matter what, truth prevails till the end.
Renu Desai is currently serving as a judge in the reality show, ‘Nethone Dance’.