Ranbir on Nepotism

The talk of nepotism is in the air and actor Ranbir Kapoor has joined in the debate. While speaking to the actor about his movie JaggaJasoos in a promotional event, Ranbir affirmed on its existence. He was quite honest about his answer.
Ranbir said nepotism was everywhere and more in Bollywood. The actor said that he could speak about nepotism the way he has seen it in his family. He said that great grandfather Prithvi Raj Kapoor had a tough time in Bollywood. He carved his way to success and made sure his children got the best opportunity in their professional life. He added like his elders he would also like to work hard for his kids so they also get a perfect chance to show their talent on Bollywood platform.
Ranbir and Katrina went live for a chat together on Facebook on Katrina’s page. They seemed to have fun together and spoke about their movie JaggaJasoos.
The toughest part of the movie was the three years spent in its making and another four more years for its release, they said. Katrina jokingly told Ranbir that the toughest part for her was to shoot with him.