Rajya Sabha Polls: Ahmed Patel is Master Strategist Over Sha of BJP

The Gujarat Legislative Assembly has 176 MLAs and the strength of congress party was 57 out of which 12 members defected. To get elected to Rajya Sabha the party needs 45 members support and conveniently their candidate would have won if there are no political aberrations.
In democracy the ruling party make every effort to use of money power, muscle power and abuse state machinery to defeat the opposition party. So, the opposition contestant, Ahmed Patel who happens be very close associate of congress high command, the ruling party made its best strategy to defeat him.
At the time of actual election process two more congress MLAs defected and voted against and before actually putting their ballot papers they shown ballot papers to Mr. Amith Sha, BJP leader. The Conduct of election rule, 1961 vide section Rule 39 say that the secrecy of the vote should be maintained and any violation will lead to cancellation.
The cancellation of 2 votes reduced the voting the strength to 174 making which easier for Ahmed Patel to win with 44 votes he got with supports one MLA from outside.
This once again proved the greatness of Indian democracy, that the opposition member can win the seat in such situations with so many twist and turns.