Rajshekhar resigns after heated debate with Chiranjeevi

Rajshekhar resigns as Executive Vice President of Movie Artists Association after heated debate with  Chiranjeevi

The veteran actor of Telugu films Rajasekhar has resigned as the Executive Vice President of the Movie Artists Association (MAA). This is seen to be related to the heated debate between Rajasekhar and Chiranjeevi during an event at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Hyderabad on Thursday.

Rajasekhar was enraged at Chiranjeevi’s statement

Actually, ‘MAA Diary’ was released at the Park Hyatt Hotel on Thursday. In the meantime, Chiranjeevi says that when something good happens in the MAA, he is told on the mic and when something bad happens, he whispers. Chiranjeevi had also said that members of the association should resolve their mutual estrangement peacefully. 

Soon after, Rajasekhar came on stage and snatched the mic from the hands of actor and screenwriter Paruchuri Gopala Krishna, asking why people should not be allowed to freely express their opinions. Actors Chiranjeevi and Mahesh Babu also expressed their displeasure over this attitude of Rajasekhar.

Chiranjeevi demanded disciplinary action

Angered by Rajasekhar’s attitude, Chiranjeevi had said in his statement that such an attitude is not good in the MAA. Those who do so intentionally should have disciplinary action against them. After this, Rajasekhar left the stage. According to the reports, Rajasekhar’s wife Jeevita had also told his antics. 

Wrote in resignation – no transparency in the institution

Rajasekhar has written in his resignation that he and the rest of the committee members are worried about MAA President VK Naresh and the management of the association. He has also claimed that the institute is running without any transparency. Rajasekhar says that these things affect him, because he is a simple, sensitive and passionate human being.