Rajinikanth announces to join the politics for sure: The New Year gift for Tamil

CHENNAI: Finally, the decades of waiting for the fans of Superstar Rajnikanth has come to an end. The actor has officially confirmed his political entry and will be forming his own party, to contest in all the 234 assembly seats in Tamil Nadu.
Announcing the crucial decision on the last day of the fans meet in Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam of Chennai’s T-Nagar, Rajnikanth said “My entry into politics is certain’. Thus, rising as a new dawn in the political history of Tamil Nadu.
Speaking on the occasion, the actor said, “I have decided to form my own political party. I am not here for money and fame at the age of 68. The state politics had witnessed a drastic downfall in the last one year. If I do not step up even at this point, I will be guilty of not serving the people who gave me life and fame”.
“My first goal is to set up a party office in every corner of the state. Only then we will completely focus on the development as a political party. Till then, I request the media to not ask for further questions”, the Superstar added.
He further explained that he never feared politics and that it is only the media, who created unnecessary hype around his political entry for the last two decades. The actor requested his fans to not involve in criticising others or making any comments on the political system of Tamil Nadu until he unveils his political party completely.
Though it appears to be a late entry from Rajnikanth, the actor has a great mass following among the public of Tamil Nadu. Not to forget, a single statement from Rajnikanth before the 1996 election, ‘requesting the people of Tamil Nadu to not vote for Jayalalithaa’ had lead to AIADMK losing out in the general election. Such was the power of Rajni, back then. Can he repeat the same magic yet again in Tamil Nadu? The current political situation in Tamil Nadu is completely in favor of Rajini, we will have to wait and see how he sets off in 2018.
The main slogan of his party is truthful, hard work and growth, announced the 67-year-old cine actor Rajinikanth, addressing the fans here in Chennai at a valedictory function.
After more than twenty years of thought, ‘superstar’ Rajinikanth has declared his entry into politics. Rajinikanth said that he will start a new party and fight in the 234 constituencies in the ensuing Tamil Nadu Assembly elections.
Further, he said that present political parties are looting the nation and he wants to bring about change and in this Endeavour, he will engage the cadre who work as the savior of the people.
The name of this party is not yet given, however, for the time being, he wants to utilize the fan clubs which are available across the Tamil Nadu to initiate the party activities.
Actor Kamal Haasan congratulated Rajinikanth and welcomed his entry into politics.