Rahul Gandhi To Pilot Election Yatra in Gujarat

The Congress Party Vice President, Rahul Gandhi started the campaign for Gujarat assembly elections to be held this year. The Congress party’s main allegation on the ruling party is that it has failed on demonetization, GST and it is doing favor to few industrialists, and claimed that BJP have ruined the farmers and small business people.
The leader further expresses that the rate of GST as high as 28%, definitely affected the small enterprises resulting in loss of Jobs. He further elaborated that Gujarat Model has been a failure as it did not help farmers, students, Dalits, tribals and badly affected the economy of Gujarat. The leader will start yatra very soon and tour the whole of Gujarat state to vow the voters.
On the other side, the ruling party BJP has at present 116 members in the Assembly which has the total strength of 182 , is preparing to fight the election with new strategy and hope to improve its position to 150 , inflecting humiliting defeat to Congress.
The BJP is has drawn battle line and plan to fight election on primarily on two issues ie Narmada Dam Height and welfare of OBC.