A meeting has been held by moderate Kapu leaders at Vijayawada to demand reservation to them in education and employment. This forum of Kapu leaders and activists said that they do not want political reservation.
The case of reservation emerges from historical wrong, social and economic discrimination. In case of Kapus, if economic backwardness is considered as criteria, then the AP state Kapu Welfare and Development can take care of the problem. If the social backwardness is considered the individuals from wealthy families also will enjoy the fruit of reservation.
The above said problem is being faced by the Justice Manjunath Commission and it has to make an assessment and solve this riddle and it is not out of place to state that already there is a cap on the percentage of reservation.
At end of the said Kapu Leaders meeting, the CM N. ChandraBabu Naidu joined them and assured that he will honor his election promise and also criticized congress party which has removed the Kapu community from the list of reservation. He appreciated them for their resolution that they do not want the reservation in political seats.