#PSPK25 Satellite Rights For Staggering Rs 19.5 Crore!

Even before the release of the movie and if you ask, even before finalizing the title of the movie, Pawan Kalyan’s 25th movie is making all the buzz ahead of its release on January 10. According to the latest reports, Telugu Entertainment channel ‘Gemini TV’ bagged the Satellite rights of Pawan’s Agnathavasi for a whopping Rs 19.5 Crore!
There’s no doubt that there will be a huge market for Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan’s combination. But, the expectations went even higher with the price at which the satellite rights were sold. It is learned that both Zee TV and Star Maa have tried hard for the satellite rights of PSPK25, but it is the Gemini TV which has finally secured the deal.
The movie is already making a good business even before the confirmation of its title. The overseas rights of the movie are expected to get Rs 25 crore, which means that PSPK25 may easily cross the Rs 100 Crore collection mark if the movie rocks at the box office.
Director Trivikram is currently busy in shooting for PSPK25 and an official update on the movie’s title is still awaited. However, fans are hopeful that the title ‘Agnathavasi’ will be the finalized and that Pawan Kalyan will get a roaring success this Sankranthi.