Protests erupt for 'High Court demand' at Kurnool

VIJAYAWADA: After a long time, the Central government has finally taken the required steps to form a separate High Court for Andhra Pradesh. As part of it, a five-member committee of Judges from the Hyderabad High Court is scheduled to visit various locations in Vijayawada to finalize a suitable building, for setting up a temporary High Court.
The State government has already selected a few locations for the purpose and the committee will take a final call on one of them. However, a permanent High Court building will be constructed near to the capital city ‘Amaravati’ at a later date.
Observing the latest developments, lawyers associations from Rayalaseema have raised a demand for the High Court to be set up in the Rayalaseema area. The lawyers alleged that the Rayalaseema is being neglected in every aspect ever since the state bifurcation. According to them, Kurnool is the right choice for setting up the High Court.
The government is yet to make any comments on the lawyers protest. As proposed, the government will make the necessary arrangements for the temporary High Court by April, so that the Judiciary can start functioning from June itself.