President Ram Nath Kovind to launch the Fiber Grid Project tomorrow.

VIJAYAWADA, December 26, 2017
It will be a landmark in the Endeavour of AP state to bring the information technology closer to people when President Ram Nath Kovind launches the Fiber Grid Project tomorrow.
This project shall offer state-of-art- technology to people through which they can use three services ie. Internet, Television, and Telephony at a very cheap cost.
The notable aspect of this project is that it helps in linking twenty thousand security cameras across the state and facilitates operation of 16 district command control and data centers besides providing ICT facility for providing digital contents to four thousand government schools. It is also useful to six thousand primary health centers in providing telemedicine services.
Reviewing the preparations for the inauguration of the project, Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu AP CM informed that the fiber grid will be utilized by one lakh homes with cent percent network in fifty-five villages for the time being and it will be expanded to 30 lakh houses by the year 2019.