Pre-fabricated construction technology to be used in Vizag city

VISAKHAPATNAM, December 25, 2017
At Dwarakanagar, the heart of Vizag, it is contemplated to construct a new building measuring about two lakh square feet by adopting the pre-fabricated construction technology.
The Dean of GVP College of Engineering says that the technology saves time and improves quality and it being used abroad in metros across the globe.
In this technology state – of- the- art machinery is engaged and concrete casting of the roof, beams, columns etc. is done in a controlled conditions as a result of which the strength of concrete increases ten times besides substantial labor cost reduction.
The pre-fab structures are durable and suitable for any climate besides they are eco-friendly which helps us in our go green endeavors.
The said new building is under construction at GVP Degree College and in the first phase, around fifty thousand square feet of the structure is likely to be completed by April 2018.