Deverapalli is a small village in Prakasam District. The old Congress government gave 22 acres of land to 39 dalits to raise crops, as compensation for family planning operation under gone by them in the year 1970. During the last few years, dalits were not allowed to cultivate their lands as those lands are classified as ‘Kunta Poramboke’.
Under Neeru Chettu scheme the government is planning to excavate the pond land which has severely affected the dalits.
The opposition parties including YSRCP came in support of these affected people because it is felt there is a conspiracy and business interest of some local leaders belongs to ruling party.
There is tension for some time as the opposition parties made a march to the village, the police made all out efforts to stop the march by making arrests to prevent outward incidence and the prominent local YSRCP leader Mr. B.Srinivasa Reddy was not allowed to come out of this house.