Outrageous Acts By Kamini's hospital staff

The trend of taking selfies in the most bizarre situations and then showing it all to the world by posting it on the social media is a fantasy. An example of such is Kamini’s hospital staff took a selfie with Harikrishna. Sadly the former Rajya Sabha member and TDP senior leader Harikrishna was lying on the bed and the hospital staff took a selfie with a cell phone. This is heavily condemned by the netizens.
On Wednesday morning, Harikrishna was seriously injured in the accident and was rushed to Kamineni hospital. Sadly, he passed away in the ICU after doctors tried to revive him. At the same time, two nurses working at the hospital, a ward boy and another ward girl took a selfie with a smile. This photo was released two days later. The hospital management also responded to this photo case. It has been announced that steps will be taken on reckless staff. The police are also considering a complaint.