Never met Pawan Kalyan before: Mudragada

AMARAVATI: There were rumors in the recent time that Kapu leaders are in favor of Janasena, just in case, if Chandrababu Naidu fails to implement the reservation quota. However, former minister and Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham struck down the rumors terming it as ‘totally false’.
Addressing the media, Mudragada said, “I have never met Pawan Kalyan in person. Further, I do not know much about him. Our agitation is for the welfare of Kapu community as a whole. If that matters, we are always prepared to work with any leader who is sincere and willing to work for the development of Kapu community”.
Also, the former minister clarified that he is not forcing anyone to join the agitation or to speak in support of the agitation. “We are fighting for our rights with the same people who have been at the front since the beginning of the Kapu agitation”.
It is already known that the Andhra Pradesh government has proposed a special reservation of 5% for the Kapus and other backward castes. However, the bill is still pending with the Centre waiting for clearance. Mudragada Padmanabham announced that he will wait till March 31, 2018, for the implementation of the reservation quota, failing which he will come forward with another agitation.