Nellore Hospital: Scissors Inside A Man’s Abdomen

Nellore, October 31, 2017: We have heard and seen in the news, that doctors sew up patients with sponges and other surgical instruments mistakenly left inside. The mistake sometimes take victim’s life. Such incident has been report from Nellore. A 45-year-old Sireekapu Chalapathi went through an appendicitis operation at the Nellore Government General Hospital (GGH) few weeks ago.
Today  Chalapathi has been readmitted after learning that a pair of surgical scissors were left inside his stomach. As per the sources in the hospital, Chalapathi was operated by a team of doctors led by Dr. Padma Shri, to remove the damage caused by appendix on October 3. The patient was discharged after few days ago until, Chalapathi returned back to the hospital complaining of severe stomach and abdominal pain. After the examination, it was discovered that a large pair of scissors which were left behind after the first surgery on October 3. As per the reports, Chalapathi was immediately operated and his situation is still unknown or critical.
Nellore Government General Hospital superintendent, Dr Hari ordered an internal inquiry as the news became public after the X-Ray showing the scissors was leaked to the media.