Nawaz Sharif arrives in Lahore with daughter, will be arrested from airport

Islamabad. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (68) and daughter Mary arrived in Lahore on Friday night. Before the flight land, the supporters of the airport got furious and rocked. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), an anti-corruption body, has made strict security arrangements for his arrest at the airport. Police detained some supporters of Nawaz in Lahore. Nawaz and Mary have been sentenced by the Pakistan court for corruption. NAB  had said on Thursday that both of the passengers would be taken to the Adiala jail in Rawalpindi from the airport.
While going from London to Abu Dhabi, Nawaz said in a video message, “Whoever is in my bus and who was in my bus I have done it. I have been punished for 10 years, but I have sacrificed this sacrifice for Pak’s breeds. I am giving my people an appeal that they should join hands with me in hand and change the country’s fate. ” Before leaving for Abu Dhabi airport from Lahore, Nawaz said, “I want to say that I want to raise voice against injustice and atrocities for Pakistan’s revolutionary change.” He also shows the truth from the media and not in anybody’s pressures Appeal to come.
According to sources, NAB had demanded a helicopter from the Home Ministry to take Nawaz and Mariam to Adiala jail, according to sources, the helicopter who went as prime minister in the helicopter. The Ministry has provided the same helicopter to the institution, which is reserved for the Prime Minister. That is, in the helicopters that Nawaz used to visit the country, now he will complete the journey to the prison in those helicopters.
‘It’s a difficult time for us’: Nawaz and Mary farewell to London’s Heathrow airport by their friends and family. Mary also tweeted, “I have asked my children to face the difficult situation firmly, but the children are the children. It is difficult to say goodbye, then why not say it to the children.” Nawaz The son of Hussein said that his mother, Kulasum, opened the eye a month later, I can not tell anything more than this. He needs auspices. Kulsum Nawaz is undergoing treatment in a London hospital.
Sharif family bought 4 flats in London: Court recently awarded the sentence to Nawaz for 10 years. He also imposed a penalty of around 72 crores on them. Mary will have to spend 7 years in jail and pay a fine of 18 crores. Her husband Safdar (54) was sentenced to one year’s sentence. The whole case is linked to 4 flats in Avenfeld, London. Nawaz bought this flat in 1993. At the same time, two granddaughters of Nawaz, Junaid Safdar and Zakaria Hussain were arrested on Thursday night in London. They are accused of assaulting a protestor. Junaid Nawaz’s daughter Mary is the son of Zakaria Nawaz’s son Hussein.