National water conservation campaign launched (NABARD)

Anantapur (AP):  One- day training programme for water ambassadors under ‘Krishi Jala Dhooths’  Has been organized by  National Agriculture Bank for Rural Development(NABARD)  as part of a nationwide programme aimed at creating awareness on water conservation in one Lakh villages in the country and 500 villages at the local level, here at RDT Ecology Centre on Sunday. The national campaign of NABARD  is spread over one lakh villages in the country, 5000 villages in AP state and 500 villages in the district.
Information and Housing minister Sreenivasulu lauded NABARD for coming up with such a good programme as water conservation which is most crucial for the district. He said that the water conservation campaign gained significance in the context drought ruling the roost, four out of every five years.  He said that farmers should be educated on the fact that not every crop needs abundance of water. There are crops which thrive on moisture. Low water consumption and investment with high crop yields should be the criterion for selecting crops. District Collector G. Veera Pandian said that the government will work with NABARD in the 500 villages to spread awareness and to be a part of the campaign. He said that water conservation is the pet subject of chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu.