The Andhra Pradesh State government has announced its prestigious Nandi awards for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 on November 14. Though everything seemed quite initially, it all started with Ram Gopal Varma criticizing the Nandi Awards Jury terming that the ‘Jury team’ itself be given an ‘Oscar’ for their work.
The comments did not go down well with Maddineni Ramesh, one of the jury members for selecting the best movies for the last three years. Ramesh responded with rather scathing comments on RGV surprising everyone. He noted that RGV himself received Nandi award from the then Chief Minister NT Rama Rao but has not commented on the jury then.
Further, the jury member criticized Ram Gopal Varma personally alleging that the director has shifted his base to Hyderabad fearing Mumbai mafia. “When he himself stated in public that he had no responsibility for the society. How come that he suddenly got responsibility towards Nandi awards, its recipients, and the society”, he questioned.
Responding to the counter given by Ramesh, RGV said, “I am not bothered by a person scolding me. But, I am wondering how did he got drafted into the Jury committee. I do not understand whether I have to pity the government for selecting him or laugh out loud for the way a Jury member has reacted to my question”.
On the other hand, reports are emerging that a few groups of Tollywood are vocal about the government targeting actor Chiranjeevi and his family members. It is to be noted that none of the movies acted by Chiranjeevi and his family members received a Nandi award, surprising everyone.