My bond with Congress is inseparable: Former Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy

Former chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy said his bond with the Congress party is inseparable. Today he has returned to Congress in the presence of AICC president Rahul Gandhi in Dilli. He spoke at a media conference on this occasion.

“Our family has got recognition with the Congress party. My father four times, I have won four legislators as a Congress party, and I have been able to enjoy the position of Chief Whip, Speaker and Chief Minister because of the closer meditation with the Gandhi family. I am very close to YES. Coming back to Congress is happy. The Congress party will handle whatever responsibility. We are trying to bring back 30-40 leaders who left the Congress’

“The division guarantees will be fulfilled only if the Congress party comes to power in the next election. It is possible that the special party and the Congress party will be the party. The NDA government ridiculed the assurances given by the prime minister in Parliament. The Modi government was totally defeated in the division of law. The ruling and opposition parties have failed in the division of law. If the Congress party which created the division of legislation comes into power, it is ready to implement it, “said Kiran Kumar Reddy.