Mumbaikars In Farmers Loan Waivers List

Agriculture is the most important source of employment in India and nearly 60% of the population is employed in agricultural sector. Due to uneven pricing, negligent political policies over past decade, climate change, Indian farmers are in deep distress in many states. Indian politicians have bailed out many farmers in the last ten years but in the long term, loan waivers are bad politics as they do not addresses the underlying problem of inefficient markets in agriculture.
In the latest round of farmer loan waivers, Maharashtra surprised to see the extent of abuse by some people who may be pretending to be farmers. 813 farmers
Mumbai city made to the loan waiver list. The Mumbai city and its suburbs are are heavily populated and there are no farming lands in the vicinity. CM Fadnavis has ordered thorough scrutiny of the farmers in the list, who claim to be farmers in Mumbai city.