Mud Slinging Games By Opposition Parties In Vijayawada West: Jaleel Khan

Vijayawada: Some Muslim communities led by opposition parties, blamed  TDP MLA and Waqf Board chairman Jaleel Khan for leasing a Waqf board property to Chandana Brothers. Tension prevailed near Juma Masjid center as an unpleasant situation arose with the concerns of some Muslim groups.  Waqf board chairman Jaleel Khan said on Tuesday that Jama Masjid’s properties were leased to increase Waqf properties. He said that few people are concerned about it for political reasons, as the lease has been given to the highest bidder in the auction.
Jaleel Khan said he had neither taken any money nor shown any leniency towards the top bidder.  He said, that we have to fund the Wakf Board. Jaleel Khan made it clear that the deal will now be canceled and reauctioned again. Jaleel Khan, one of the richest politicians in Krishna District, also said that he does not even drink a cup of tea in the Wakf Board meetings from Board’s funds. He said, that properties which are unused for years together should be utilized for generating funds for the board.
Jaleel Khan said that the current lease could fetch around Rs. 5.50 lakhs per month to the Waqf Board funds and, help the poor and backward people in the constituency.  He said that few people with political ambitions are trying to mud sling on a good deed and people will teach a lesson to them in the next elections.
Last year, Telangana government passed GO to lease Muslim-endowed properties for long-term lease. Despite having lands which are worth a lot in prime locations, AP Waqf board is falling short of funds to run operations on a day to day basis. This will help the cause of Waqf.