Modi To Take Stringent Action Against Benami Properties

Sundernagar, November 4, 2017: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while speaking regarding government’s action against ‘benami’ properties, said that the Congress is very worried because the assets of its leaders will not be spared in the stern action of the government. While addressing election rallies in Himachal Kangra on Saturday, he lashed out at the Congress on the issue of corruption.
In the rally of Sundernagar in Mandi district, the PM Modi said that the Congress party is not campaigning for the elections as it has literally conceded defeat. He said, “The time has come when loot be returned to the people who were robbed. I am going to create such conditions that it will be difficult for the Congress leaders to get their benami properties.”
PM Modi also appealed to people to vote and break all records of the voting till today. Narendra Modi said that today Congress is sitting on accepting defeat. He said that people of Himachal will give severe punishment to the Congress this time.