Do Your Duty Media

The editors, journalists and media people have responsibility to ensure civil rights, said by the President Pranab Mukherjee, while participating in the event held for the launch of the National Herald’s commemorative edition. Freedom first, freedom now and freedom forever, he pronounced , must be the goal while stressing people’s right to a dignified life. He added that we cannot escape our responsibility as future generation demand explanation about what we did to our motherland.
Deep anguish has been expressed over mob lynching of human beings in country like India which is the biggest democracy of the world and where different ethnic groups – Caucasians, Mongoloids and Dravidians, live in peace and harmony. Had the media and the intellectuals been more vigilant these bad things could have been avoided.
At this juncture he reminded the audience about the Battle of Plassey 1757 in which British won and established colonial rule in India. It is to remember that the Indian side lost the war due to traitor within. So, he appealed the media and the intellectuals to be vigilant and keep the forces of darkness away.
Prior to this, Congress President Sonia Gandhi in her address said that the present media in our country is under tremendous pressure to obey Government and use the platform to appreciate it always rather questions it.