Land-grab Conspiracy: Vijayawada Central MLA Bonda Uma

Vijayawada Central MLA Bonda Uma is one of the top performing MLA’s as per latest CM Chandrababu’s reports. Recently there are many changes in the Vijayawada politics as 2019 General elections are fast approaching and many leaders shuffling parties. There are talks that Bonda Uma is getting cold shoulder during that last few months in TDP.
With this backdrop, MLA Bonda Uma’s wife is named in a FIR filed by CID in a land-grab scandal. Kesi Reddy Suryanarayana of Krishna district is a freedom fighter  and recognizing his efforts,  government allocated 5.57 acres farming land in Singh Nagar with survey numbers 6,7,32,40.  Suryanarayana has a wife, two sons and daughter. Suryanarayana died in 1974 and the land in Singh Nagar was not suitable for agriculture, so the family left it vacant. During that time the land changed hands. During the last two years, the land prices in the surrounding areas of Singh Nagar skyrocketed.  The value of  Suryanarayana’s land is estimated to be around  Rs 60 crores.  This land is now linked to Bonda Uma’s wife Bonda Sujatha and others.  Following this, Suryanarayana’s son filed a compliant and CID started investigation.  CID registered a FIR against Bonda Sujatha  and named her A8 accused.
As per MLA Bonda Uma, there is no connection to the land and his wife. Speaking to media, he showed  proof  in the form of documents and explained what really happened. He alleged that this is politically motivated and YSRCP is trying malign his future by running false news. He said that he and his family had nothing to do with the ongoing controversy. The allegations that MLA’s followers have mortgaged with false certificates are not correct.
Bonda Uma is very hard working and popular MLA among the people of his constituency. With this alleged scam, his image may have been dented to some extent.